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20Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__421 Every couple has something special about them, well with these two it was definitely their perseverance. The wind blew with a certain ferociousness that only Capetonians can appreciate. And although it was middle November, it was freezing cold by the time we started taking pictures. Not once did either of them complained, making my job a pleasure to do – thanks you guys for being so awesome!

Marko & Carol | Landtscap

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1Cape_Town_Wedding_Phtographer__425What made Marko & Carol’s day memorable: Well to begin with they celebrated their wedding on the weekend that the Boland area had flash floods, even hospitals had to be evacuated. Even though their whole wedding was planned around the beautiful outdoor setting at Landtscap, with the stunning views of the Devon Valley, they took the miserable weather in their stride and they had one awesome party!! Nikki du Plessis from “The New Normal” did the amazing décor, Alana van Heerden made Carol’s stylish dress and I’ve been to MANY weddings, but the steak served by “Two Chefs” that night was one of the best I ever had & DJ Chopper kept the dance floor full! And lastly and most funny part of the whole day…

Carol’s earning broke just before she got dressed, the bridesmaids tried fixing it with super glue, but to no avail. Well, a girl’s got to do what a girls got to do and Carol Super Glued the earing onto her ear. No how can’t you help but NOT like a no nonsense, take charge girl like that? Marko you did well 😉 Thanks to Jackie Scott who really made a huge diffirence in my day, by keeping me dry during the storm ;).


16Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__412 One word describes this couple: effervescent! They both have bubbly personalities and it was such a pleasure to have shared their day. I went a bit overboard with the detail shots of the day but there was just so much to photograph & I think I’ve been converted to liking pink! Candy’s a graphic designer and she made ALL the stationary herself, so if you like it and would like her to create beautiful goodies for your special day give her a shout. (I’ve put her contact details at the end of the post).


15Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__407met each other through friends and initially Rinko did not want to give Raoul her phone number but eventually she did and their first date was skiing in the Austrian mountains. It was Raoul’s first time ( I know from experience that it looks MUCH easier than doing), in any case, Raoul says that he was more on his back than on the ski’s, but he persisted and got up after every fall. It’s that persistence and determination that, pardon the pun, broke the ice and made Rinko realise that this guy might be worth holding onto. Raoul works for the SA Embassy in Vienna & Rinko’s an air hostess for Air Austria, but Raoul still has family here in South Africa and that’s why they decide to get married here at the absolute gorgeous Grand Roche in Paarl.

Gary & Carin | Suikerbossie

1Greek_Ortodox_Wedding_Durban_Wedding Photographer_Jani_BSjoe where to begin… I arrived at the guesthouse and I immediately received a goodie bag with a T-shirt saying “Photographer at work”, an energy bar and a bottle of water. Need to buy a camera but don’t have the money? Play casino games on online slot machines and win cash prizes that will help you make your purchase.
I was well looked after 😉 Carin stole my heart. She has a personality larger than life, she’s the embodiment of the saying “ Dance like no one’s watching, sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt…”.

I’m sure she’s one of those friends that when you leave her presence it’s also with a smile… Gary on the other hand is a book you shouldn’t judge by his cover, this big man has a gentle soul and a wicked sense of humour. Gary & Carin, I loved spending time with you on your most special day!

Photo of the week

100Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__442My new website is now live!!! I will no longer make any posts here – please refer to the new website for my latest work.

Photo of the week
I just don’t seem to get time to post, or for that matter editing my Euro-trip’s photos. So I’ve decided to edit one every week and then post it. This one was taken at the Trevi fountain in Rome, I did not have a fish eye lens and if you stand back far enough to get everything in – you literally got everything in – including the HORDES of tourists in front of the fountain throwing coins overs their shoulders… so I decided to take multiple shots and then stitch them together in Photoshop. Click on the image to view a larger version.


Packages Bronze Package Silver Package Gold Package Platinum Package Diamond Package
Package Prices Price on request Price on request Price on request Price on request Price on request
Period Only available Weekdays and Winter Season available all year Only available Weekdays and Winter Season available all year available all year
Hours of Photography 5 hours 8 hours 5 hours 8 hours 8 hours
Your Digital Negatives (21.5MP) A minimum of 300 a cd A minimum of 400 a cd A minimum of 300 a cd A minimum of 400 a cd A minimum of 400 a cd
Special re-touches on close up portraits
Black Leather album
Designer Storybook album

Photos will be a selection of Black & White and Colour.

The  hours of photography will commence from when the bride starts doing her make-up, additional hours will be charged       @  R650.00 per hour.
Delivery date 4-6 weeks from wedding.

Couples not living in the Cape Town area are responsible for delivery costs of album.

Couples not living in the Cape Town area are responsible for traveling and accommodation of photographer.       (3 Star B&B)

The first 80km traveling is part of the package, there after R3.50 pkm.

Provision must be made with the caterers for 2 (Photographer and assistant)

A Photo album, with the same black inner pages as the leather one, but with a cover with one of your photos on can be ordered instead of the leather one @ and additional R450.

Additional CD with Digital Negatives R50.00 each

About Jani B

24Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__414I’m a Photographer who specialises in Wedding Photography.

I live in Somerset West, but work in the neighbouring towns and Cape Town as well.

I use every wedding or shoot I do to become a better photographer always trying new effects and angles…Photography keeps me on my toes, because you can’t sit back and rest on your laurels… I do all kinds of photography, but I absolutely adore taking wedding photos…The unstaged emotions, facial expressions and special moments, make it so appealing.I love being part of a couple’s happiest day, being part of the inner circle and being able to create memories that will last beyond the frosting on the cake and the bubbles in the champagne…

I hope you invite me to be part of that special day in your life and help me make your memories…


10Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__431When I first met Imraan, he was alone – alone searching for a wedding photographer. Aliyah, lives in Sydney and Imraan was given the responsibility to scout for a wedding photographer. So there I was having a meeting over a cup of coffee with Imraan – he came prepared with a list of all the requirements, as sent by Aliyah. I couldn’t help thinking that this guy must REALLY love this girl to go through this whole process alone… I absolutely adored taking pics of them, they were so at ease in front of the camera and the really had a great dynamic between each other. We shot all over Cape Town, which was great!