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Donovan & Leandri | Kleinevalleij

0What I remember about their wedding: I can say all the normal things, yes Leandri looked amazing with and absolute to die for dress, the weather was windy etc. But what I will remember is the absolute joy both Donovan and Leandri had on their wedding, they truly savoured the day… Leandri told everybody how happy she was to finally marry Donovan, many times. Their ceremony probably was one of the most memorable in a long time, they where “present” at all times, they interacted with each other, with a look here and a small gesture there. Leandri’s mom had the mos infectious smile…

I wish you could bottle and sell it 😉 Guys, thanks for being the couple that makes me remember why I love weddings so much! I just want to make a special mention to Donovan’s mom, who made all the boutonnières plus all the paper lotus flowers & favours on the tables… those must have taken ages to make and they looked amazing. Videography: Vision on Fire


11Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__432This was my first Jewish Wedding and what an amazing experience! Sjoe, these people can party… Sammy & Gina live in London and Gina’s amazing mom, Rhoda arranged the wedding here in South Africa. Both Gina & Sammy have these sparkly personalities and you could see it throughout the wedding. From Gina laughing the whole day, to Sammy breaking into song during his speech…

He was telling everybody how when he and Gina spoke for the first time on the phone they almost talked for an hour and it was then that he started singing “I just call, to say.. I love you!” with a few dance steps added for extra effect. Thanks to Wesley Vorster who assisted me on the day.


18Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__423 Do you remember shoulder pads, tape decks and “Big Hair”, the Bee Gees, white bell bottom three piece suits and John Travolta strutting his stuff in Saturday Night Fever… well if you’re born after 1989 you probably won’t. Karien and Pierre had a 70’s/80’s themed wedding. All the guests wore clothes from either era and each table number had a picture of a band from either the 80’s or 70’s.

Each table were supposed to get onto the dance floor and boogie each time a song from your table’s band started playing. The ceremony was held in Bredasdorp’s beautiful historic church and the reception in a marquee on the beach at L’Agulhas. The food was divine, with a buffet ranging from venison pie to Crayfish, mussels and other seafood that the groom & some of his friends caught themselves earlier the week..


22Cape_Town_Wedding_Photographer__415 I’m shooting Gerda & De Wet’s wedding early next year and I always tell my couples an engagement shoot is a great idea. It gives us a chance to get to know one another better, so I’m not a complete stranger when I arrive at the wedding. It gives the couple a change to see how a shoot works and lastly it makes them more confident and relaxed on the actual day. I must warn all other groom’s-to-be, De Wet set the standard VERY high. He did this whole shoot, the day after his bachelors… Needles to say I think he felt pretty bad but he never once complained.